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Feb. 6th, 2007

08:58 pm - So long, farewell.


This journal is effectively closing, though I won’t be deleting it. It has been fun, but for many reasons I've never quite accomplished what I wanted to here. C’est la vie.

I shall continue knit/crochet/sew/craftblogging at corvustristis, though hopefully it will be a totally different venture. I know I could have just bought a name change token and tried to revive things here but I wanted to start fresh, whilst still keeping the lessons learned from my sporadic play at cheshiretiger in mind and accessible for reference purposes.

Join me at the new blog, if you’d like. I'll even say please. I’ve got a whole new game plan for my approach to craft blogging (the biggest change is my plan to post three or four times a week as versus three or four a year), and it should be interesting and hopefully fun.

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Jul. 19th, 2006

02:56 pm - Cluster Necklaces.

I posted the original necklace/earring set in this style quite some time ago, but I'll stick a picture in here for reference. Made of Amythest and something that starts with a C.

And now, the recent versions.Collapse )

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Jul. 15th, 2006

06:34 am - Here an earring, there an earring...

Pretty baubles for your ears.Collapse )

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Jul. 4th, 2006

08:44 pm - More bottle-y goodness.

And again!

More bottlecap necklaces.Collapse )

Be sure to check out the Etsy store if you like them enough to want one.

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Jun. 22nd, 2006

09:43 pm - More shinies!

I also snapped some better pictures of my bottlecap necklace stash, for to post them to my little store. Unfortunately, Jairo's camera died before I could get more than three shots. Still, it's pretty, no?

Pop fizz!Collapse )

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09:27 pm - Misson: Shiny

I have sworn to singlehandedly bring the Fascinator back into fashion.Collapse )

Some of these are slowly meandering their way onto my new etsy shop, Corvus. I'm going to take some shots tomorrow with someone actually wearing them, as Staci will be home, and my favorite one is out in my car and thus hasn't been photographed yet.

Feel free to suggest some names for those without.

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May. 25th, 2006

12:39 pm - Status

Okay. So.

Remember that wonderful boyfriend Scott I've mentioned in a few entries? Well, he dumped me in February, and with him went my access to a camera that can do macro shots (indeed, to a camera that works at all- mine is dead in the water). Also, one of my kitties died in December (god I miss her) and some family members kicked the bucket at other points of time this last semester. Basically, times have been bad.

Ergo, no pictures to post, and no other updates for a long time. Boo hoo. I'm contemplating borrowing one of my roomate's cameras to get back into the game, but we'll see.

Until then, I thought I'd let you know that I've been playing with this Wist thing. I've got a personal wist of greed, of course, but that's not all.

I made two other wists that gather togeher the knitting/crochet patterns (both free and for money) that I like and the sewing patterns (including the big companies, but also with lots of small independant stuff) and tutorials that I like. If you're bored and want to find some new patterns on the internet, give it a look. If, after looking through the deluge of links I've got (the knitting wist currently stands at 256), you think I've missed a cool corner of the internet, let me know. If you find something you like then good, and if you think my taste sucks that's fine too.

So, here they are: Knitting/Crochet and Sewing.

Judging by the "latest items" link, there are a bunch of people assembling crafty wists, so that might be cool too. I'm contemplating putting together another one, either jewelry specific or just for all the cool tutorials and crafts I find that don't fall under knitting, crochet or sewing. We'll see.

And fyi, I'm doing fine now. New apartment, summer, and I've still got my big fluffy Tigger cat. Also, my muse has recovered incredibly from a relative slouch the last two years.

ETA: Okay, I'm weak. I've started a crafting Wist too.

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Feb. 6th, 2006

07:28 pm - Amythest and Something-Or-Other

A matching set.Collapse )

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Jan. 11th, 2006

05:25 pm - A few free minutes with the pen tool...

...reminds me just how little I know about photoshop.

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Dec. 30th, 2005

09:28 am - More Bottlecap Necklaces

Pop n' Fizz.Collapse )

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