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Cluster Necklaces. - **

Jul. 19th, 2006

02:56 pm - Cluster Necklaces.

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I posted the original necklace/earring set in this style quite some time ago, but I'll stick a picture in here for reference. Made of Amythest and something that starts with a C.

I kept that one for myself, and have since made others for swaps and sale. In particular, and recently, I offer these:

The Jade Emperor's Daughter

Made of yellow and "new" jade, I'm selling this and the next one in my etsy store. The jade was surprisingly fragile- after I had a couple of chips snap off while working, I beat up the rest of 'em to make sure they would hold. Pain in the butt.

I'm contemplating making a matching memory bracelet. If I do that, I'll likely make a whole new set to match.


Goldstone and quartz. I found the focal piece whilst hunting for something interesting to turn into a piece for a Craftster.org swap. I ended up making two sets- one for the swapand one for my etsy store. I love the way goldstone glitters enough to want to keep this set for myself, if I weren’t already so attached to my amethyst set.

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